The Skeletal System – Framework of Support


The skeletal system is like the architectural framework of a building, providing support and stability to the entire body. In this lesson, we’ll explore the bones, joints, and connective tissues that make up this vital system.

Key Topics:

  1. Anatomy of Bones: Building Blocks of the Skeleton
    • Understand the different types of bones and their functions in the human body.
  2. Bone Structure and Composition
    • Explore the microscopic and macroscopic features of bones, from the outer compact bone to the inner spongy bone.
  3. Joints: Where Bones Connect
    • Learn about the various types of joints that enable movement, from immovable joints in the skull to freely movable joints in the limbs.
  4. Axial Skeleton: The Core Support
    • Examine the central axis of the body, including the skull, vertebral column, and rib cage, providing crucial support and protection.
  5. Appendicular Skeleton: Mobility and Functionality
    • Explore the bones of the limbs, shoulders, and hips, essential for movement, flexibility, and interaction with the environment.